Simple Ways To Soothe Heel Pain

Painful heels can make walking very difficult and stop you from carrying out your daily activities. It may start off as a small irritating discomfort and gradually build up into something that hurts so much that even moving becomes a problem. It occurs when tissues found in the sole of the feet become inflamed.

Five simple ways to soothe heel pain and gain relief

1. Make use of an ice pack

fjifo8978ghjefg4grg4This is a simple home remedy that can be used to soothe the pain caused by inflamed tissues in the sole of the feet. It reduces the amount of swelling and likewise discomfort. The good thing about using an ice pack is that you won’t spend any cash if you have a refrigerator at home. It’s also very effective and provides an almost instantaneous relief.

2. Pain relief medication

Taking pain medication is also one of the ways to soothe heel pain. These can be obtained over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. One should however not depend too much on them because they wear off. It is important to address the root cause of the problem if a lasting solution is to be found.

3. Watch where you walk

Walking on surfaces that slant or are uneven makes the problem worse. Try to walk on surfaces that will not put a lot of strain on your heel and increase the pain.

4. Foot exercises

You can stretch and flex the foot in order to soothe the pain. A good old foot massage would also be great as it would bring relief and reduce the inflammation. This can be done using different types of ointments that are known to relax the body. You can either do it yourself or get somebody to assist, but the latter would be more preferable.

5. Wear comfortable shoes

fief898huih4wevreg4reg4Putting on the wrong type of shoes would only increase the pain. It is, therefore, necessary to wear shoes that would make the heels more comfortable and enhance the recovery process. Using inserts to raise the heel is recommended because that helps in supporting the arch of the foot.

Other ways to soothe heel pain

Some of these include enrolling for physical therapy, putting on custom made shoes and wearing a specially made splint while sleeping. If the pain is too serious, one should consider having a surgical procedure to correct the problem. This should be done after consulting a medical practitioner. There could be deeper underlying problems that cannot be solved by these simple methods.